Maria Montessori believed that all children are born intelligent, they simply learn in different ways and progress at their own pace. The Montessori approach to education is consciously designed to recognize and address different learning styles.


Get to Know Mountain Montessori


Mountain Montessori is a school founded by a dedicated group of Vail Valley parents. In 2004 this group sought out Martha Teien and invited her to direct a new Montessori program, based on their past experience with her as a Montessori Educator. In a matter of months the founders were able to find the right location, raise enough funds, and donate their own time to create a primary school for their children and the children of the Vail Valley.



What Is Best For The Child?


The founders and their director, wanted to create a school that provided exceptional early childhood education for Eagle County children. They believed the way to accomplish this was to:

A School That Thrives

Build a school with excellent teachers who were passionate about their work and about the children

Create Stability

Create stability for the children by having the same teachers each day versus different teachers on different days

Promote Growth

Provide a classroom and playground that promotes learning, creativity, exploration and responsibility

Life Work Balance

Take care of our teachers by treating them as real teachers and not as just as care givers. Life/work balance.


Finally, the founders believed strongly in Martha Teien's philosophy of allowing "What is best for the child?" to continually guide the school.



To foster and encourage authentic Montessori education.




Your family becomes part of our family. Hear what past and present parents have to say about their experiences at Mountain Montessori.


We have loved our experience at Mountain Montessori. From the first day we dropped our daughter off when she was 2.5 years old, we knew she was being nurtured, challenged, and cared for in the best ways possible. Martha and her staff are absolutely amazing, and we know that the years spent with them are preparing our daughter for not only the next steps in school, but in her life as well.

JM. Liles

The Mountain Montessori education is by far the best foundation we could provide our daughters; it is grounded in philosophy and it works! The monthly parent network opportunities are key to bringing the Montessori method into our home and ensuring we speak the same language that the children hear at school. The social emotional skills taught at Mountain Montessori will serve them well the rest of their lives, and we could not imagine a more caring, capable, encouraging group of teachers. They love the children and honor the differences in every child’s unique path to learning and mastery. We are so grateful and humbled to be part of the Montessori family and could not recommend this school more highly.

B & C. Hayes

We moved to the area without knowing a soul, but were quickly welcomed into the Mountain Montessori community. Our daughter found friends and beloved teachers immediately, and my husband and I found our people! The community is strong and welcoming, and the Parent Network nights offer so much--not only do we learn about Montessori methods, but we are able to meet and socialize with other parents afterwards. Mountain Montessori is an exceptional place for the entire family, and we've been utterly delighted and amazed as we watch our daughter blossom as a leader. We didn't know much about the pedagogy behind Montessori, but we're complete and total converts. It's a phenomenal way to teach the whole child, and we've been consistently thrilled with what our daughter has learned, and all that we (as a family) have gained.

L. Owens

Martha and her staff at Mountain Montessori prepared my son not only for Kindergarten but instilled a love of learning that will last a lifetime. I am so grateful for the care the staff displays daily for each individual child and how they meet the child where they are developmentally. It was the best decision to send my son to Mountain Montessori, and I can't wait for my youngest to attend as well.

T. Boderck

We had 4 children attend Mountain Montessori and each enjoyed a tremendous childhood education. The program allowed for independent learning in a structured environment. Our children were always loved, cared for, educated and safe. Our children welcomed each and every day. Any parent would be richly rewarded in sending their child to Mountain Montessori.

J. Harty

My husband and I are over and beyond thrilled to be a parent of Mountain Montessori. Not only do we see our child loving to learn but we are learning too about our child and how he thrives and learns in today's environment.


Mountain Montessori provided an amazing education for all 3 of my children. Montessori taught a love of learning and a sense of independence that I believe my boys will have for a lifetime. I miss having a child at Mountain Montessori!

A. Paderewski

I love MMS! I couldn't be happier. I have total faith in the teachers abilities to harness and develop the potential of my child. When I drop my child off at school I feel like he is entering a place that is an extension of our family. Family I believe is the core of everything that MMS does, children interacting with children, children with teachers, and parents with teachers. To have the piece of mind every day, that my child is in the best possible atmosphere, allows me the realization that the future is limitless. Thank You MMS!!!

S. Leever

Our experience of Mountain Montessori could not have been better. With our daughter, we found that it boosted her confidence in her own abilities academically, as well as socially. She found what she loved to do every day and was encouraged to follow her heart and passions and believe in herself. With our son, the magic of Montessori was palpable. Every day he was excited to go to school, to work, to play, and to engage in mastery over subject matter and Self. He was introduced to the concept of peace and fairness and friendship. They both received the best start to their formal education that we could ever imagine. The fostering of the curiosity of the child is what we need most in this world. Montessori truly helped our children, and through them, the world!

C. Morris

We have had three children go through the MM program and could not have been more pleased with the education our boys received. Not only did they excel in the traditional learning aspects, but socially we noticed each develop into responsible young men showing a vested interest in the world around them. The best compliment which we continue to receive is when their future teachers immediately recognize them as "Montessori" children.

M. Paderewski
Founder, Teacher, Mother, Advocate

Meet Martha Teien, MA ED

Executive Director, Montessori Lead, WEST Room