At Mountain Montessori we know that establishing a strong community benefits the life of a child. We also know that creating community requires time, commitment and communication.


A Whole Child Approach


We BELIEVE in the importance of community so much that we work very hard at getting to know the whole family – not just the child attending the school each day. Over time we create relationships with families that last long after their time at Mountain Montessori. In fact, we often continue to support parents as their children move through the elementary years.

At Mountain Montessori we also recognize that each child is different. Each one has different needs – academic, social and emotional. In order to understand what each child needs, we depend on the input and communication from the parents. This method of working as a team in supporting growth and development of a child has proven to be highly effective. It also means that each child receives a WHOLE child approach to education where all factors of learning are taken into consideration.


Each Child Has Different Needs


At Mountain Montessori we believe in a true whole child approach to education - grace and courtesy, peace, art, math, language, social and emotional development, Spanish, practical life and sensorial.

Family and Community
Parent Involvement
Parent Education
Stay With You After Graduation
Same Teachers / Full Time / Every Day



To offer and apply developmentally appropriate and educationally sound principles of learning.


Maria Montessori's Philosophy


The Montessori educational method supports and addresses the nature of the child. The nature of the child is not a theoretical construct, but it is based upon Maria Montessori's detailed and lengthy observation of the child.


Maria Montessori believed that all children are born intelligent, they simply learn in different ways and progress at their own pace. The Montessori approach to education is consciously designed to recognize and address different learning styles, helping students learn to study most effectively.  Based upon scientific observations Dr. Montessori came to understand the inner nature of the child:



  • The child is a dynamic, curious person that has an inner drive to discover the world.
  • The child comes to know the world through the senses.
  • The child has an inner curriculum.
  • The child learns that which is of personal interest.
  • The child repeats activities until they are fully mastered.
  • The child is naturally orderly and focused.
  • The child has an inner discipline.


Founder, Teacher, Mother, Advocate

Meet Martha Teien, MA ED

Executive Director, Montessori Lead, WEST Room