Black History is Not Optional

Montessori Takes a Stand

Trending in the news two weeks ago was the story of a Montessori charter school in North Ogden, UT that initially gave parents permission to opt out of their Black History Month curriculum.  As this decision trended on social media platforms and eventually became national news, Montessori leaders from across the country congregated.  I am proud to say the the lead in this collaboration was Montessori Public Policy Initiatives (MPPI).  The chair of the Racial Equity Committee worked with the executive director and president of the board of MPPI to draft a response to this head of school's decisions and then edit a fuller response together.  I am proud to say that every training organization involved had a Racial Equity committee.  I am also proud to say that most of what you read was written by Black Leadership within the Montessori communities.  I am including that document for you to review.  Black History is Not Optional




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